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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Alpine School District February Recognitions - Three parents from OES were recognized by the school district in their efforts that helped our school win the $100,000 Target Grant!

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Orem Elementary

As many of you know, Orem Elementary recently received a grant for $100,000 for their school. The community surrounding Orem Elementary was instrumental in helping this money come to their school. Three parents played key roles in this process. Cathy Ambrose was the person who spearheaded the initial push to win a grant awarded to schools from the Clorox Company. She contacted the district and got them on board. She was very proactive with a texting campaign by contacting businesses to put the information on their marquees as well as putting vinyl lettering on her own car to get the word out. In the end, Orem Elementary came in 5th place and didn’t receive a grant. Because of the drive and excitement that was created in this process, Shari Warnick started searching other grants and came upon a grant given out by Target, advertised on the Ellen Degeneres website. Many parents nominated Orem Elementary for this grant, but it was the letter of Julie Hale that caught Target’s eye and ultimately won them the grant. Despite the many requests from Orem Elementary students to have a running chocolate fountain at lunch, an ice cream machine in the cafeteria, a pet lion, and a train to pick up the kids and bring them to school, Orem Elementary will use this money for a new computer lab, and with whatever is left, upgrade technology in the classrooms.

Thank you to these three ladies and all of the parents at Orem Elementary for your hard work and dedication to the students in ASD.

Left to Right: Principal Rachelle Bolingbroke, Cathy Ambrose, Shari Warnick & Julie Hale

PS: These three ladies want everyone to know that they represent all the parents and friends and families that contributed to Clorox grant and Target grant process. Thank yous to everyone in our amazing community!!!

COMING UP for the week of February 20-24

Feb 20 President’s Day- No School
Feb22 Storytelling Judging in Classroom
Feb 24 Maturation- 5th Grade Only

Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcoming events for the week of February 13 - 17

Feb 13 - Minimal Day

Grades 1-6 Early Birds 8-12:30
Grades 1-6 Later Gators 9:15-1:45
AM Kindergarten 9:15-11:15
PM Kindergarten 11:45-1:45
Val-o-grams for sale during lunch.

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dads and Donuts

Dads and Donuts is tomorrow! Come at 7:30am or 6:00pm with a buddy and a book. Book swap is also at 6:00pm