Andrea Park, Principal
450 W. 400 S., Orem, UT 84058 --- Phone: 801-610-8116


There are many ways you can help at Orem Elementary. From as simple as helping in the classroom to chairing a committee - we want YOU!

Currently, there are a lot of ways to bring money into the school.  We do collect Box Tops for Education and just started collecting Capri Sun juice pouches.  There are so many more ways we can collect, however, one PTA President can't manage and keep track of it all.

If you are looking for something simple you can do once or twice a year and mostly on your own time, this might be just for you.  You don't have to take charge of all the label programs, just pick one.  There is Campbell Soup labels, Tyson's A+ project,, ink cartridge and cell phone collections.

Contact Amy at for more info.