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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

Hi Room Parents,
Teacher Appreciation Week is the last full week of April (22nd-26th). Here's what we're responsible for:

1. Door decorated on/by the Friday before (April 19th). You should have a volunteer on your sign-up sheet. If not, please call someone. Check with your teacher to see if they want a poster or butcher paper that completely covers their door. Also find out where they would like it put (front/back/side).  There is butcher paper in the hall, die-cuts in the Teacher Room so you shouldn't have to buy anything.

2. Assemble a "written gift" to give to the teacher on FRIDAY (April 26th). Most send it with their child to class. You should have a volunteer on your sign-up sheet. If not, please call someone. The person in charge should arrange a time with the teacher to be gone so they can spend 15 mins in the classroom to do this. Recruit some parents with the younger children to speed things up. Some suggestions are thank you cards or drawings of what they like best about their teacher, a fun memory from that year, etc.

Keep it simple!  

The amazing Stephanie Ellis is in charge of Teacher Appreciation this year. When I get the official schedule I will send it on to you. Teacher Appreciation is such a fun week for us to help the children give back to our teachers. Thanks for your help. Any questions just let me know. THANKS for supporting our teachers!
OES RoomParents

Here are some picture of last year's doors to help inspire your creative side!

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